Received message - explanation, completion, changes of procurement documents

Procurement procedure Eye tracking camera for measurement in MRI and EEG labs (repetition)
Sender Michal Boroš
Sender organization Masarykova univerzita [CRN: 00216224]
Recipient All (including public)
Date 22.04.2024 09:47:50
Reference number in the filing service MU-ZAK/119495/2024/2366466/CEITEC-CŘS-5
Identifier in filing service 3833154
Subject Explanation of the Tender Documentation No. 1

The contracting authority provides all suppliers who have requested an explanation of the tender documentation or to whom the tender documentation has been provided, or other suppliers who have asked about the tender conditions, an explanation of the tender documentation. The explanation of the tender documentation is provided on the basis of inquiries from suppliers (question - answer) or information provided by the contracting authority (communication).
The formulation of supplier inquiries is taken literally.

Communication No. 1:
The contracting authority informs all suppliers that it extends the deadline for submission of tenders until 25 April 2024 10:00 a.m. CET (GMT + 1).

Best regards
Michal Boroš